What LED Lighting Business Worry About?

LED lighting industry competition is now trapped in a "parity" of the cycle, at the trade show, you can see some companies distribute the company's products price list, no minimum, only lower, people can not help but wonder what the price is out of some What kind of products. Clerk is accustomed to leveraging the dealer price, but also because the product is not the core strengths of being led by the nose by the dealer price, into a price war in the swamp, "brand dream" into "nonsense."

Price advantage and can not serve as the core competitiveness of enterprises, LED lighting industry is never a lack of low-priced products, but the lack of cost-effective products. Some companies do not refine their own core strengths, price-oriented, even to set product prices, go to design products based on price, if there is a strong competitor, the market will soon be forgotten.

Trade them registering, 2015 was a watershed in the LED lighting industry, a large number of no capital, no technology, no talent, no product, no management of the enterprise will fall, while the overall strength of the advantages of enterprises will enter the fast lane the pattern of the LED lighting industry will peep. In 2015, the primary task is the first LED lighting business alive, secondly is to find their own "sense of presence", focus on doing the things they can do, and do, find their own position in the market, not aggressive, do not back down, there is always a future follow-up development opportunities. Although the 2015 LED lighting business will live very difficult, but there are a large number of companies are adhering to, you worried about?

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