LED Lighting Industry: Profits Reduced While Risk Increased

Recently, at the Fifth Congress of Guangdong Province, the fourth Lighting Association, the Secretary-General of China Illuminating Engineering Society Dou Linping the lighting industry for 2014 summarized the situation, and ask questions on certain aspects. He said that 2014 is the year of the rapid development of LED lighting, the current market share of four percent.

Dou Linping summary, 2014, lighting industry output value of about 550 billion yuan, LED lighting output value accounted for about four percent, of which exports about $ 42 billion, LED lighting products is about $ 15 billion. And the number of enterprises has been significant growth, a conservative estimate at 20,000 or more, the distribution is not much changed, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places of business accounted for more than 90%. In addition, the number of listed companies increased significantly, about 30 more than at the same time there are many companies in the application on the way to market.

On the development of the industry characteristics, Dou Linping summary:

1.LED lighting was a rapid growth trend. 2013 lighting output value of 480 billion yuan, 550 billion in 2014 for the lighting of GDP growth in previous years did not change much, but the LED lighting products, output growth up to 50%. LED grow directly led to a decline in the traditional lighting of the output. For example, last year the sun lighting LED grow 70%, but the first three quarters of the total growth rate of only 4%, which is mainly due to decline in direct value of energy-saving lamps;

2. lighting products prices continued rapid decline in profits further. 2013 LED Bulb (with 3W example) ex-works 20 or more, but now a lot of in between 4 and 5 blocks in a rapid decline in corporate profits, LED dividend growth has not brought to the enterprise profit growth, and even many businesses 2014 living more difficult than in 2013, which for the healthy development of the enterprise itself left a lot of problems, mainly because too many companies, the manufacturers had to use low-cost way to snatch market;

3. Traditional big business advantage is still evident. 2012 began extensive traditional lighting companies to enter the field of LED lighting, traditional companies have integrated overall advantage, including understanding of the product, such as understanding of the channel, LED light source although that is revolution, but to replace the traditional stage lighting and LED lighting products are not There are essential differences, whether it is applied, appearance, sales, traditional channels still play an important role;

The mergers and acquisitions become the highlight, especially reflected in the listed company, in the upper reaches of the company in order to expand the downstream, upstream and downstream enterprises to take direct acquisition mode, this situation will continue to 2015.

Meanwhile, Dou Linping that the lighting industry is currently developing four major problems exist:... A serious product homogeneity; 2 disorderly competition, price war; three products of varying quality; running, close down businesses increased significantly, industry increased risk.

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