Recycle Policy

To protect the environment and the natural resources is the bounden duty for any person, organization and country on this planet.
As is known, tungsten is a rare but significant resource on earth, which is regarded as ¡°seasoning material¡±for modern industry as well as rare earths, and becoming a vital part of modern life., so it is primary task to protect and make full use of tungsten for all the peoples concerned with it.
We suppose it will be the end of exploitage for original (nature) tungsten ores in future decades, so we do hope to stand together with global manufacturers, dealers and consumers to make our effort for its protection and recycle.

Thus, we are willing to do the following jobs with you,
1)Recycling tungsten products. If you got any tungsten goods in any grade and specification, please collect them whatever the quantity is, it might reward you a high value in future. Even if there is no immediate value, it would be surely utilized in future and bring you reasonable returns.
2)You could contact us for recycling if you have any tungsten goods, and we will look for suitable market and buyers for you.
3)If you have any interest to do tungsten-recycling with us, please let us know. Any suggestion of cooperation will be highly valued.
4)We are willing to adopting your advanced technology for recycling with reasonable cost, if you got any.
5)We will propagandize and promote any issue of tungsten goods, scraps and technology.
6)Any advice and idea for recycling tungsten will be highly valued and welcomed.
All of these works and resources will be listed free at our site

We need the resources, and also be needed to protect them.It is a primary task for all of us, let us work together!

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