Development Trend of Sapphire and Tungsten Molybdenum

Thermal field, tungsten molybdenum shield, seed rod, heating machines, crucibles are important growing furnace and consumables for sapphire growth. The usage volume of sapphire crystal can influence tungsten and molybdenum related products.

thermal field image

Sapphire is a crystal with excellent optical, physical and chemical properties, and it is the important basic material for industries. Its unique crystal structure, good mechanical and thermal properties had made it as wonderful substrate material in LED, SOI and SOS. Meanwhile, sapphire owns properties of high strength, high hardness and erosion resistance. It is widely used as a screen material in smart equipment, infrared military equipment, satellite space technology, high-intensity laser window and other fields.

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In the latest three years, LED substrate material composed of 80% of sapphire crystal. There are only 20% of sapphire is not used in LED, but smart phone glass protection, Home button, sapphire surface watch, etc.

With the increasing of LED, sapphire crystal grows 30%/year. The sapphire usage volume is predicted as 117,857,400pcs/year under conservative estimates in 2018.

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With the rapid development of the LED industry, the acceleration of consumer electronic sapphire applications and the further increase in demand for defense industry materials and civil forms, the demand for sapphire materials will continue to grow in a very quick speed, as a consumable for sapphire materials processing. This also improves the amount of tungsten and molybdenum products used as consumables will increase accordingly.

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