LED Industrial Technology Research System Innovation

What is LED? There may be a thousand people in the eyes of one thousand answers. In my opinion, despite the development of LED industry for more than 10 years, but the LED is still a "new" industries. And I say "new" refers to the shape of the industry, this "new industry form" refers primarily based on the market research industry.

Before the reform and opening up, China has had industrial research, but then the planned economy, and the market is not so much. After the reform and opening up, the country imported the competition, but this time is to use more ism, the market for technology. You can see that the current domestic market all the appliances, the source of all its technical programs from abroad, we do not start from scratch to design a product's capabilities, including product form of this product and matching technology programs, supporting process, the corresponding requirements for suppliers of research and development and production management; at the same time, the market should know how this product, how to solve the problem, how to coordinate publicity, so what are the key points of their products.

Above, the LED industry, is also the case, took our self-developed LED driver, the mainstream technology on the market, almost all from its source in the United States HV9921 this driver IC solutions offered. However, different from the past, in the LED industry, this "new" industry, we encountered a new problem. In the past, foreign home appliance industry has proven options for copying and modification, including the complete technical solutions, production processes, business promotion. But in the LED industry, we can say that we are simultaneously started and abroad, but also in developed countries in recent years, many factories moved to China, making the lack of developed countries can be used to improve workplace technology solutions. Therefore, foreign countries have is unlikely to provide a comprehensive set of mature programs, and even unable to provide proven technology solutions.

In the LED industry, the situation in: We have a lot of technical solutions are adapted from the HV9921, and before this simply is not the same proven technology modifications, this technology came from abroad and can not be applied directly to the actual place, but must After further modification before they can be used. So, in the LED industry, we can no longer continue the original maturity of the technology used abroad then be copied, thereby reducing costs, and then the old market, and only rely on our own research and industrial design. A system of national industrial research, and I think it is a country capable of independent development, logo design, like the product, is to a certain stage of development of a country must be required. Was developed in the past for us to do, LED industry needs to rely on our own, which is now the LED industry.

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