Global LED Bulb Price Trends on February 2015

According to the latest global market research organization LED bulbs retail price survey, in February 2015, the global average retail price of LED bulbs to replace 40W presentation edged up about 0.6 percent, reaching $ 12.2; LED bulbs to replace 60W 0.5 presents the global average % decline, reaching $ 16.0. Europe and North America there was a substantial change in the price, the price is relatively stable in Asia. February Although the Chinese traditional Spring Festival, but in China bulb but no significant change in the price, and not as a facilitator Spring Bulbs holiday sales, but because of the Chinese New Year holidays reason, many manufacturers cut output, market price is relatively stable.

Replace 40W part, the US and Europe showed a more substantial price changes. Following the UK in 2014 and 2015, 11, 12, 1 Moon bulb prices show a sharp decline after the presentation in February rose 5.6 percent. Due to the rapid decline in the price of most products some time ago, in February prices rebounded. Such as Osram three 6W, 470lm bulb prices reached in January fell more than 3 percent, two in February prices rose more than 5 percent. The United States in February prices showed a slight decline of 2.8%. Most prices have declined slightly, but not large fluctuations in market prices remained stable. German regional price since entering 4Q14, although still maintaining a downward trend, but the decline slowed. February 2015 Continuing the trend in January, the prices showed a slight decline of 1.6%. No significant fluctuations in the price of most products, a few products showed a slight downward. Also due to the improvement in technology, Philips, Samsung and other well-known manufacturers introduced new products, power decline, such as Philips to replace 40W incandescent bulb power of about 6W, 7W old products in more basic, resulting in decreased power prices also fell . Asia, except Japan, the average price rose 4 percent thought that the rest were little changed.

Replace 60W part, the UK bulb prices after three consecutive months continued to decline, prices rose 5.8 percent in February. Most of the original product prices have raised a larger fraction of the products rose. Such as Verbatim 10W, 820lm bulb, the price rose to 24.98 US dollars, or nearly 8 percent. US District prices were slashed by 11.8%, prices of most products has declined, including Philips, GE and other famous brands. Also part of the brand manufacturer plans to launch low-priced products, such as Philips plans to launch in March 9.5W Warm Glow LED bulb, replace traditional 60W incandescent lamp, dimmable, the price for just 10 dollars. German regions for 2014 Bulb price deceleration fastest growing region, since May 2014, the overall price decreased rapidly. In February 2015, prices have callback, an increase of 10.8%. Most product prices due to the rapid decline of the reasons for early February, prices have callback. Samsung, Ledon, Philips and other well-known brands of the original product prices are rising sharply. Japan prices fell 1.1 percent in February, the price of most products are slightly down, a small part of a larger decline in the product. Such as Toshiba 9.1W, 810lm bulb, the price fell to 10.1 US dollars, a decline of 8.7%. The rest of the smaller price fluctuations, the market remained stable.

From 4Q14 to date, some manufacturers have introduced new bulb, compared with the original products, new products in the low-power than the original product. Technically enhance LED luminous efficiency resulting in rising, lm / w of declining prices, to achieve the same luminous flux in the case, the cost is much lower than in the past. Another direction is also a manufacturer of intelligent pursuit of new products constantly adding new features, such as intelligent control, including dimming, adjusting color temperature, etc., such as Philip launched in the US Warm Glow LED bulb. But from another perspective, the popularity of intelligent bulb also slow down the overall price of a reason for slow.

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