UV LED Market Will Reach $ 520 Million in 2019

According to the latest report of Yole Développement company called UV LED technology, manufacturing and application trends, UV LED technology currently has been widely applied in the field , which is expected in 2017, and will get into the disinfection, purification, and other opportunities for development of new applications. It reviews the traditional UV lamp business interpret the UV LED technology. In the report, a noteworthy factor that people in the industry is interested in a cheaper and more compact technology.

Yole's report include UV curing, UV disinfection and purification applications such as analytical instruments for in-depth analysis of all UV lamps, including from 2008 to 2019 the traditional UV lamps and UV LED detailed market capacity and scale weights for various applications and technology.

UV LED technology with its compact and relatively low cost, the UV curing business has been booming, replacing the traditional techniques, such as mercury. Mentioned in the report, due to expansion of curing applications, the overall UV LED market from $ 20 million in 2008 to grow to $ 90 million in 2014, a compound annual growth rate of 28.5%.

UV LED curing will continue occupying inks, adhesives and coatings industries, mentioned in the report, in 2018, UV LED will also be applied in UVC sterilization and purification, therefore, UV LED business is expected to range from about $ 90 million in 2014 growth in 2019, at least $ 520 million. If you take into account the UV LED in general lighting, horticulture lighting, bio-medical devices, eliminating the ability to apply new areas of hospital infections, the greater its potential. But these applications have not yet formed a large market size impact, Yole expects these new areas of application in 2019 will account for nearly 10% UV LED market size.

2008, Yole survey conducted for UV LED display fewer than ten companies were developing and manufacturing these devices, and now has more than 50 enterprises to enter the industry, which between 2012 and 2014 there are more than 30 . LED industry, some large companies, such as Philips Lumileds and LG Innotek are UVLED seize a foothold. According to Yole analysis, based on its powerful LED technology industry experience, these two giants into the further development of the industry will help expand the market. One example of that, UV LED light source basis from 2 inches to 6 inches almost completely transition sapphire substrate, which can provide at least 30% of the overall increase in productivity, will help to further reduce manufacturing costs.

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