Sapphire "Fiasco" was Due to Technical Problems and Cost Control

Hon Hai Group is negotiating with the Zhengzhou municipal government, intends to build a mobile phone screen factory in Zhengzhou, rumor investment amount of up to 35 billion yuan, mainly in order to build small and medium-size panels, and will use the sapphire glass panels. Meanwhile, according to information the American Christian Today Web site, scheduled to launch next year, Apple's iPhone 7, and is equipped with sapphire screen and rumors major manufacturer Hon Hai Group is pre-determined.

Current sapphire material from the application point of view, demand for LED month on average expected to consume 200-3000000 capacity, and with high-end mobile phones and flat lens, the popularity of home key applications, and next year Apple watch market entry, application materials become more broad-plane sapphire. The main reason for the current market malaise sentiment remains sapphire material that GTAT bankruptcy, we believe that the reasons for the failure of the sapphire this stage that the issue of technology and cost control, but in the long run, as long as there are new areas of application possible, process, technology, cost and other issues with the production of new materials will be gradual migration time to digest. At present, it really possible to predict the sapphire will be applied to the next generation iphone premature conclusion of the panel, but the new material industry chain enabled perspective, we think still worth attention and tracking, the proposed subject of concern related industrial chain in the industry developments : Jing Sheng Electrical, new sub-process, Roshow technology.


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