Next iPhone 6s’ Sapphire Glass to be Made by Foxconn

It is already a known fact that Apple has tried to come up with a sapphire glass display for its new iPhones, but the plan has failed after supplier GT Advanced Technologies has went bankrupt.

But it seems that Cupertino won’t give up on its plans to revolutionize the screen of its iconic iPhone handsets. New information coming from Focus Taiwan online publication says that Foxconn is planning to open up a new planet to manufacture sapphire glass screens for the 2015 iPhone models.

Foxconn Technology Group is already a major supplier of Apple’s iPhones and iPads, so naturally, Apple is confident in what they can do. Foxconn’s new factory will also be based in China and it will produce sapphire displays for next-generation iPhones, says the original report from the Chinese media.

However, what’s not sure at the moment, is what will happen with the Apple Watch. Will Foxconn be able to set up  the plant so that it will produce sapphire screens for the Apple Watch, as well, or only the second-generation smartwatch from Apple will get it?

Foxcon’s display factory is said to be built on a 133-hectare plot of land next to an iPhone 6 assembly plant. At the moment, Apple uses sapphire materials in the home buttons and camera lenses on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones and on the iPad Air 2.

One of the biggest concerns with the production of sapphire displays is related to the cost. At the moment, the production is quite expensive when compared to the glass Apple has used until now, so it’s not sure how the company will address this. They are known for their aggressive profit margin, and a sapphire display definitely adds up to the total costs.

Apple also plans to use sapphire displays in the more expensive models of its upcoming Apple Watch, according to Asia Securities Investment Consultant analyst Chang Chih-cheng.  Recent rumors even suggested that Foxconn could build a second sapphire plant somewhere in Taiwan.

So, if 3GS was for speed, 4S was for Siri, 5S was for security, could 6S stand for sapphire?


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