Xiamen Will Build the World's Largest Production Base for Sapphire

Nowadays, Xiamen Honglu tungsten & molybdenum industry Co., Ltd. has signed a contract with Xiamen Ruijing photoelectric Co., Ltd, they will cooperate to build the world's largest production base for sapphire hand in hand.

Xiamen Honglu has provided Xiamen Ruijing with 500 sets of sapphire crystal furnace equipment, and they have signed a contract about a project with the amount up to 200 million yuan. The chief executive of Ruijing, Zhong qilong said, with the beginning of the project, Ruijing company will build 500 long crystal furnaces weighing up to 100 kg, which will be the latest  long crystal furnace (over 75%) with best quality in the world. After putting into production, Ruijing will be NO.1 for the production capacity of sapphire in the world, and Xiamen will be an innovative international sapphire crystal production base with  the integration of production, study and research.  


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