Sapphire Material Usher In A New Round Of Investment Frenzy

Sapphire material usher in a new round of investment frenzy. Specific features: 
First, the semiconductor lighting market, and boost the industry's demand for sapphire material.
From the fourth quarter of 2013, the domestic LED lighting demand continues to increase, especially from the 2014 first quarter earnings major vendors can be seen, LED industry profitability quickly strengthened. With this round of industry boom recovery, led rebound in market demand for sapphire substrate material. 
Second, the consumer electronics market, as represented by pulling the smartphone industry demand for sapphire material.
Apple, Samsung, millet and other mobile intelligent terminal manufacturers earlier this year said they would use the sapphire material in smartphones and wearable equipment products cover glass, and further increase the market investment tilt of sapphire. TrendForce forecasts 2014 for mobile intelligent terminal sapphire material will be used and a considerable number of LED sapphire substrate, in 2015 the demand for LED sapphire substrate 2  multiples.

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