Sapphire Ingot Prices in the Second Half Quarterly Have Slow Recovery

Boom of the LED chip links depends on the demand, and the supply is subject to MOCVD equipment. After entering the second quarter LED chip supply and booming, companies main production equipment MOCVD full production, a significant increase in chip shipments, inventory at historic lows, some companies run zero inventory.
Expects the second half of the LED chip supply and demand will become more balanced and even reversed in short supply situation within a certain range. Epitaxial chip companies with pre-release further expansion of production capacity, profitability has continued to improve. In terms of price, the short-term upward overall probability is small, but significant improvement in the case of supply and demand, and price stabilization.
Since 2014, with the LED epitaxial chip companies MOCVD equipment to improve capacity utilization, coupled with Apple's use of stimulus sapphire message upstream sapphire needs to improve, the supply and demand situation has improved, sapphire crystal rods and substrate prices quarterly slow recovery.
Since the second quarter of 2 in. sapphire ingot prices remain at $ 5 / mm, while the largest amount of 2 inches substrate prices rebounded to around $ 8, the price rose nearly 15 percent, but in LED chip prices little probability under the circumstances, while the sapphire production capacity continues to expand, two inches and a substrate of sapphire crystal rod is not in short supply, so the short-term price sapphire substrate limited space.

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