iWatch sapphire glass protecting the main growth momentum next year

DIGITIMES Research analyst and project manager Linfen Hui pointed out that in recent years, the application of LED sapphire industry for the bulk, and then with the LED plant and tend to replace the entire capacity expansion, LED sapphire demand growth rate will slow down, relative, future growth momentum will sapphire optics applications; sapphire earlier imported optical applications, including mobile phones and iPod camera, mobile phone Home button cover 2014-2015 new applications for iPad Home button, iWatch and mobile phone screen protector layers. 
DIGITIMES Research predicts that in 2014 the Home button with the camera lens and protective cover, protective layer required iWatch screen sapphire production capacity of 1,244 Wan mm (about 2 inches when dollars), of which, the maximum amount of applications for mobile phones do not use Home key, the proportion will reach 54.3%, followed by a protective layer was iWatch and phone camera lens cover, the proportion was 24.1%, 17.4%; 2015 2 inches with sapphire optics required capacity will reach 26.2 million mm, which the largest proportion of those who will iWatch application, to a lesser extent phone Home button cover, accounting for respectively 57.2%, 30.1%. 
It is noteworthy that, iWatch required GTAT sapphire crystal will mainly supply, while the other two inches with sapphire optics will continue to KY law and labor law VHGF isometric crystal sapphire suppliers based. Do not run the application in 2014, only 67 units for the year iWatch crystal growth furnace is able to meet the required production capacity in 2015 will show a multiple shipments due to iWatch growth forecast crystal growth furnace capacity will be needed to amplify 333 units, can be seen, iWatch screen protection layer will become the next major growth momentum sapphire. 

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