Apple iWatch find another supplier

AppleInc. Sapphire supply partner GTAdvancedTechnologies yield spread is still not as good as expected, coincides with the previously limited edition of only about iPhone Sapphire Deluxe Edition rumors. 
 According to foreign media reports, the MarkHeller14 CLSA Securities analyst issued a research report that Apple sapphire supply partner GTAdvancedTechnologies yield is probably lower than expected, mainly due to the impact of the alumina used to make boule poor quality, process yield is not yet mature . He will therefore be revised by 30% to $ 500 million (equivalent to 3.1065 billion yuan) in 2014 under very special revenue estimates and repair 3/4 to 0.30 U.S. dollars per share earnings estimates lower (equivalent to 1.8639 yuan ). 

 A very special 14th hearing contrarian fell 4.92%, to close $ 15.26 (equivalent to 94.81038 yuan), the highest since May 22 closing low. 
Heller pointed out, very special, Apple tries to lower a home to offer, but less robust Chinese mainland suppliers up the goods may be the main cause of the poor quality of alumina. He said that very special alumina are looking for more high-quality supply. 
However, the good news is, Heller's survey shows a very special plant in Arizona, more than 2,000 seats sapphire crystal growth furnace is installed, the capacity will be used to supply the required iPhone instead iWatch. He said that Apple seems to have been for iWatch addition to Asia requestforquotation (referred RFQ). 
Also, according to Heller's argument, BielCrystal, LensTechnology also started cutting 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch iPhone protective glass. 
Related to foreign media reports, CanaccordGenuity analyst JonathanDorsheimer just on July 7 issued a research report noted that the securities do not think that will be the extensive use of iPhone6 ​​4.7-inch and 5.5-inch version of a sapphire screen when launched, on the contrary should be only a limited amount of luxury version for people to buy. 

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