Advantage of sapphire screen

In fact, not just sapphire jewelry,  it is a transparent crystal, can produce blue, purple, orange, green or red according to the light reflection effect, looks very beautiful. In addition to applications in the field of jewelry, high purity transparent sapphire crystal can also be extracted in other areas, so do not worry it's color, because of the high purity sapphire crystal glass is actually just as transparent. Of course, pure sapphire is very rare, so the French chemist Auguste 韦纳伊 synthetic sapphire technology invented in 1902, is widely used in the future on the luxury watch face.

Synthetic sapphire techniques typically require high temperature and pressure through the alumina powder and crystal synthesis, through thin cutting process, thereby to produce a sapphire glass. In other words, the cost of this process is high, which is why there are only Vetru this luxury mobile phone before using sapphire glass panels. 

So, sapphire glass panel is really suitable for mobile use it? Attack portion is usually in its competitors transmittance, but in fact the transmittance between the wavelength of 150 nm to 5500 nm, only the ability to identify the human eye 380 nm to 750 nm, so we can see the video presentation, the so-called "iPhone 6 sapphire panel" almost no color cast, even before into the camera lens, we have not see any picture to see subtle changes in tone.

And when it comes to love the reason Apple sapphire glass panel, which is naturally superior hardness: 2000 MPa compressive strength stainless steel 10 times, almost as hard as diamond. That is, unless your hip pocket loaded a bunch of diamonds, others such as keys, knives, sand sapphire are difficult to cause harm to the panel, iPhone will no longer naturally produce screen scratch problem. 

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