How to improve the heating deposition thicker Sapphire Dan Changjing

First, the increase in crystal growth furnace transformer power stall, and increase crystal growth furnace transformer operating power (voltage and current) adjustment range, adjust the continental power cabinet table procedures and designed to meet the operational needs of the tungsten heater rod diameter change. 
Second, the crystal growth furnace can be used to adjust the range of different power transformer to correspond to the needs of different heats (ie heating element tungsten rod diameter variation), be sure to measure before using resistance heating element to correspond to different crystal growth furnace transformer power range. 
Third, the timely replacement of part of the coarsening of tungsten rod heater, heating element can be updated successive intervals tungsten rod. When the replacement and repair of heating the body, be sure to pay attention to the new tungsten rod bending and welding quality processing size. Ensure uniform heating element tungsten rod, so that the resistance heating element Sapphire Dan Changjing meet needs. 
This may be a thermal field Sapphire Dan Changjing important question may be benefits produced sapphire crystal, and will increase the usage of furnace heating, reduce production costs Sapphire Dan Changjing. Improvements over thinking and if inappropriate, please understand. 

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