Comparing sapphire with glass

Although the sapphire material currently used mostly man-made products, but most people still think there is value than glass sapphire. However NPDDisplaySearch pointed out that this does not mean that you can accept the use of non-Apple branded sapphire glass protecting the high cost incurred, most likely one or two limited application of high-end models. After analyzing the physical properties of materials and protective glass specification requirements, the agency does not think there is necessarily sapphire material advantages can replace glass 
Sapphire material most significant characteristic is that a hardness of sapphire Mohs hardness of 9H, second only to diamond (10H). Mohs hardness (MohsHardness) is a good way to size relative hardness (scratch and abrasion resistance) when comparing the two minerals collide. Sand or dust containing silica (SiO2, Mohs hardness 7H), when the friction Smartphone protective glass (Mohs hardness after translation, generally below 7H), it is easy to fine scratches and damage. Therefore, if the protection of the glass material may be greater than the Mohs hardness of 7H, then it can withstand the wear and tear caused by live grit. 
But wear is not the only requirement for the protection of glass, sapphire shock tolerance stronger than glass; although sapphire fracture toughness is 2.3Mpa (alumino-silicate glass is 0.7MPa), but can not withstand too much sapphire or sudden impact. Sapphire also has the disadvantage that the penetration of the visible band of the most important; in the ultraviolet band since the sapphire better penetration than glass, so some industrial components using sapphire as the optical parts. 
However, sapphire in the visible band (390 ~ 700nm) of the optical transmittance of the glass is not as good, only the former is greater than about 80%, while the latter is greater than 90%. Boutique watch dial is simple, using only as timekeeping, so a whole piece of material as a protective sapphire glass, with limited impact on its main functions. However, smart phones and touch screen panel is the core of the human-machine interface. Poor penetration implies the need to strengthen the backlit LCD panel, which is the pursuit of a high-resolution screen and smart phones have to sacrifice power is obviously not desirable. 
In addition, the production of more energy sapphire, crystal growth furnace takes a long time to maintain a high temperature (~ 2,045 ° C), and long-crystal ingot time takes about three weeks. Others, such as a high refractive index (~ 1.76-1.78), the proportion (~ 3.95g/cm3), will have an impact on the overall smart phone specifications. Through analysis of the advantages and disadvantages for the sapphire, NPDDisplaySearch think the overall smart phone, the glass is still more balanced choice. 

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