Apple is the sapphire glass to protect the fate of Pushing Hands

Market research firm NPDDisplaySearch pointed out that under Apple may use (synthetic) sapphire materials and a series of related investments double promotion, USA sapphire material production equipment supplier GT Advanced (GTAdvancedTechnologies) in the past year the share price leaps and bounds, from the second quarter of 2013 3 to 4 dollars rose above $ 15 in 2014 to the second quarter; never even other benefits due to Apple using sapphire supply chain, but also attracted the eyes of many investors. 
NPDDisplaySearch said that so far, Apple is only applied to the rear of the sapphire glass protecting the camera lens on a 10mm diameter and less than a fingerprint chip, the main aim of both is to use protection against the elements located below the sapphire glass scratch. However, the real concern is to keep people Apple iPhone is likely in the future of a generation of protective glass glass, sapphire material to replace aluminum silicate glass material (aluminosilicate), and diagonal size should be at least 4.7 inches the above. 
Sapphire screen saver on your smartphone consider the case of glass, is much more complicated than the previous two. In addition to the cost of the corresponding size makes the jump, the choice of materials is not only to protect the glass to prevent scratching just consider it. NPDDisplaySearch said, to protect the bottom of the glass is the phone screen, optical penetration is also very important factor, and directly affect the penetration of the LCD backlight intensity required, thereby affecting the power consumption of smart phones. 
In addition to the high hardness of sapphire innate physical, can withstand everyday dust, gravel outside wear, consumers are often also seen as a rare and precious minerals, and natural product manufacturers are willing to cater to both the consumer psychology, to achieve product marketing purposes. But in fact, the vast majority of sapphire material used in consumer products, like the so-called "crystal" in general, in fact, are artificially manufactured; sapphire is expensive, not because of the rare, but because of the manufacturing process (crystal growth) need to spend a lot of energy and time. 

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