Corning Frequency vaccination

Corning's "Gorilla Glass" protective glass rugged smartphone has been a lot of love with the industry's products. However, with the market you want to use Apple's crazy pass in the second-generation smart sapphire screen machine "iPhone 6", with Samsung Electronics may follow the use, apparently so full of a sense of crisis Corning. 
Corning 15 specially published on the official website the latest experimental films, compare the contents of a millimeters (mm) thick protective sapphire glass, pressure tolerance between gorilla glass. It was found in the same bag everyday mixed stir for 45 minutes, sapphire glass to protect pressurized to 161 pounds when it withstand fragmentation, while being resistant Gorilla glass can be 400 pounds or more. 
However, it is worth noting that Corning is generally used in the experiment sapphire screen, is still unknown whether Apple will work with partners to use special technology to create a high tolerance sapphire protect the screen. 
Corning had criticized in early March sapphire screen expensive and heavy, light and also poor, although it is still possible fragmentation scratch, this, technology website Cult of Mac has one rebuttal. 
Cult of Mac Technology Reporter Mike Elgan 3 月 8, pointed out that Apple sapphire material supplier GT Advanced Technologies was acquired in November 2012 Twin Creeks, this family business of Ion Cannon technology can produce thinner than a human hair sapphire sheet, the use of thin sapphire glass bonding technology, we can significantly reduce costs, but can also reduce the weight and increase light transmission. 
In addition, according to previous reports Patently Apple, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office was in September 12, 2013 published a report entitled "sapphire plate" patent file, paste the contents of the display and the way Apple has found a sapphire glass that allows good combination of sapphire glass screen thickness of less than 1 mm. 
Since the cost of the glass is much cheaper than sapphire, so Apple has glass as "in-cell" touch panel embedded material, and "sapphire laminates' patented technology can be very special for Apple thin sapphire substrate and cheap "in-cell" touch glass substrates bonded together, thereby dramatically drive down manufacturing costs sapphire glass substrate. 
However, even if the apple does not use the related art thin sapphire glass than the material out of the cost, weight, and reduced light transmission is not too much. Elgan was pointed out, for example, a dedicated Gorilla Glass iPhone costs about $ 3, according to a very special offer, sapphire chip costs about the same between $ 9-12. In order to calculate the cost of sapphire iPhone might just 6-9 dollars more. 
In addition, although the screen for Corning criticism sapphire scratch but may still be broken, Elgan believes that the reason why the glass screen easier to fragmentation, because this screen is easily scratched, thus increasing the probability of fragmentation. In contrast, sapphire is more scratch resistant because the screen, so the probability of cracking is low. 

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