What defects iPhone6 ​​sapphire screen

Recently came the many online news about Apple iPhone6 ​​sapphire screen, looks sapphire screen has many advantages: durable, scratch-scratch, Apple had the iPhone's camera and iPhone5s master keys will be used in the sapphire glass; however Sapphire exist What are inadequate? 
Engadget's BradMolen interviewed who have influence in the smart phone industry and found that the sapphire is also a non-perfect dream material. 
KenHong LG spokesman said: "The cost and supply sapphire we have not reached the expected durability and scratch-resistant sapphire is indeed a bright spot, but the Gorilla Glass will not be replaced soon.." 
For manufacturers, the lower the cost of Gorilla Glass, the supply is more plentiful. Gorilla glass is much lighter than the weight of the sapphire, the importance of this increasingly prominent, especially considering the size of the phone and tablet have been rising. In addition, while the sapphire is very durable, but it is still broken.

Another representative told Molen: "With the increase in size, the drop test is more easily broken in Sapphire." 
Another representative said that if the existence of "certain assumptions marketing advantage," Apple would consider using sapphire. Apple launched last year iPhone5s is an example. Apple iPhone6 ​​sapphire screen will be like iPhone5s 64 processor that has become a component of our competitors can not match. 

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