Apple iPhone6 ​​sapphire screen patent

Prior to numerous news sources that Apple will adopt sapphire display in the new iPhone6 ​​in 2014, but Apple has not confirmed related news. Foreign media AppleInsider found a patent application filed in early 2013, three proved to explore ways to enhance the Apple iPhone is indeed durability; patent describes joined sapphire glass in the front and rear panel method, while other components are also described using sapphire glass iPhone methods, and product details implanted in sapphire glass cover. 
A patent entitled "Sapphire composition and residual stress," a detailed description of certain parts of the sapphire glass further strengthened to improve the durability of the approach. Therefore, the front and rear panel sapphire certain regions, including parts of corners and centers can be further strengthened in order to withstand external shocks happen. 
The second patent, entitled "ceramic embedded control mechanism", describes the use of sapphire production, such as a button or protective shell iPhone various parts of methods, including the power button, camera button and volume control keys. In addition, the patent also describes a method of transmitting LED flash, which can illuminate the sapphire components. 
A third patent, entitled "Protection of glass or ion implantation of the display member", a detailed description of the ion implantation Product Details built with the help of the method in the sapphire glass. Different ions, including chromium, titanium or iron, can produce different colors of markers, and then accelerated in an electric field is implanted into sapphire glass. 
These three patents are included pictures of the iPhone, Apple did for the iPhone indicate certain research techniques. 

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