The phone uses two major challenges sapphire material

Apple iPhone 6 will issue sapphire material hubbub. It is understood that Apple will target the sapphire material used in more diverse areas, including the sapphire material has been used iPhone 5 camera lens, is expected to protect the screen using the iPhone 6, as well as the upcoming future iWatch table cover, etc., are so sapphire application of the substrate is becoming diverse. 
Sapphire glass protecting the screen, the intensity of fire resistant Daogua force. However, cost and production is a major problem. 
Sapphire with a wear-resistant, scratch-resistant properties, is common in the past tradition of fine watches sapphire used cover. But for a huge number of consumer markets, to use the amazing handset shipments, the traditional method of Sapphire Dan Changjing flame fusion process and can not cope with such a demand, you must use the special specifications sapphire ingot manufacturers to be able to meet the subsequent processing of the design requirements. 
According to LEDinside survey found that sapphire material will be used in the future on the LED market with products, including mobile devices. In the non-LED market demand, the demand for mobile devices relatively strong momentum. For example Apple iPhone5 camera lens by replacing the original plastic material replaced sapphire material. The iPhone 5S will be more mobile phones fingerprint sapphire material as the protective glass, mainly high hardness of sapphire material, to avoid scratching the impact of fingerprint identification function. In addition, compared with glass, sapphire wetting angle of 85 degrees, a fingerprint is not easy to adhesions, less likely to have a miscarriage of justice to happen. 
At present, the test videos show sapphire glass protective screen iPhone 6, although with paper-thin, but despite Daogua fire are intact. Sapphire higher strength materials, have greater advantages, however, including the capacity and whether it can meet the huge demand for mobile phones, as well as the high costs of sapphire glass, are the future of sapphire material used in mobile phones, we must overcome the issue further. 

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