Apple logo embedded in sapphire glass cover

United States Patent and Trademark Office recently published a patent Apple obtained, which describes the new generation sapphire glass covering related inventions. Apple pointed out that the future can be used as a sapphire glass front and back of the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices cover glass. Apple recently after another patent on the molten glass enclosure, Apple also mentioned that the sapphire cover you can use the iPad's body shell. 
According to Apple described in the patent document, the Apple logo on the shell body, serial number, and other information will not be engraved on the sapphire glass, but by a new method of ion implantation, both to the information-embedded among sapphire glass layer. Further manufacturers can control the color of the marking information, in order to highlight the information. 
Apple said it usually has a variety of screens and digital devices on the cover glass components, including front and rear cover serial number engraved on the glass, such as trademarks. The information is usually engraved designs will bring a variety of problems, for example, to consider its clarity, visibility, understandability, durability and stability, so Apple was considering inventing new technology to solve these problems. 

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