iPhone 6 degree-resistant sapphire screen anti Galvatron

September awaited iPhone6 ​​would launch earlier will be the first Apple came second only to diamond hard synthetic sapphire crystal glass (Sapphire Glass), as a new machine screen, compression and anti-scratch ability Humphreys said the ages of the strongest. Recently, the famous Sonny Dickson who broke the news release of the iPhone 6 is known as a video screen to get started, after a violent series of simple tests to prove their hardness, scratch-resistant capabilities are very good. But it's not finished, I believe after reading the following test, you will not help but wonder. 
Hong Kong media, "Apple Daily" from special channels to get a suspected white iPhone front glass screen 6, measure the diagonal length of 4.7 inches, in line with previous rumors. Reporters to "Torture" standard for the screen test, a hammer, nails, pliers clip, art Knife, lighter roast, failed to damage it, but finally opened a weight 1.6 tons of off-road car run over, only to be crushed. 
Before rumors unanimously, iPhone screen 6 will use sapphire glass, high hardness of the material (Mohs hardness up to 9), second only to diamond, anti-scratch ability is three times the third generation of Gorilla Glass, Corning, and the screen quite high transmittance. 
Chow Sang Sang Jewellery operations director LAU Hak Bun refers to the use of sapphire materials for the new Apple phone screen is not surprising, because the watch industry early on to use the same material for the surface, "expansive sapphire material than glass, watches worth up instantly," says Sapphire LAU Hak Bun material properties of high hardness, easy to scratch, but the higher the hardness of the series, the price is more expensive to iPhone size 6, the cost of using gorilla glass requires only $ 3, and then switch to the sapphire jumped 10-fold. 
If the screen iPhone 6 is really so, that I did not waste people's expectations. 

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