Apple iWatch or mass production in November

While the industry is widely expected, Apple (95.03, -0.35, -0.37%) will begin production iWatch smart watches in September, and is expected to widespread distribution in October. But KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-Chi of Taiwan has said that this product from production planning to postpone the end of September to November, indicating that the offering for sale of its quantity will be very limited. 
Kuo Ming-Chi said in a research report, iWatch in hardware and software development gave Apple brings a new dilemma. In the face of these challenges, the Kuo Ming-Chi believes that the current market consensus on Apple iWatch Production and Distribution Plan agreed not correct. 
He estimates Apple will postpone plans to mass-produced mid to late 11, the end of September after more than a month before the push. Since only one supplier is expected to accelerate the production of the outside world before the October release date, this can supply wearable devices will be restricted, it is unlikely to reach 10 million at the end of 2014 market expectations. Instead, Guo Ming Chi is expected by the end of iWatch shipments only reach 3 million. 
From a hardware point of view, Kuo Ming-Chi expects Apple will abandon conventional parts, and instead is more difficult to produce high-end components, and sapphire and other materials. 
For example, sources said, iWatch will adopt a flexible AMOLED display, and with a sapphire glass. Never use OLED displays in consumer electronics products before Apple, it did not launch with a large sapphire glass products. So far, iOS devices largest sapphire glass that iPhone 5s in order to protect Toudh ID fingerprint reader and with the glass. 
In addition, the new system in package (SiP) technology will also be used to reduce the size of the circuit smart watches. Because Apple wants to strengthen waterproof standard of the product, so the problem will be more complicated. 
Specific to software problems, Guo Ming Chi believes that the main challenge facing the redesigned Apple iOS, to adapt a smaller screen, and maintain interoperability with iPhone and iPad and other large-screen devices. Apple has a superior ability in terms of vertical integration of hardware and software, but as iWatch is a new product form, without much reference to the information available, so Apple will bring greater challenges.

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