4.7-inch display is to force the iPhone 6, but missed with Sapphire


Foreign media published an online about iPhone 6 4.7-inch video screen components to get started, while the version on the iPhone 6 small screen attributes and it has announced. 

It is reported that 4.7 inches of the iPhone 6 offscreen with a highly flexible material that can withstand bending great extent, since a result, iPhone display 6 will not occur again broke and so on. 
But very unfortunately, 4.7-inch external screen is obviously not the iPhone 6 is equipped with sapphire screen because the screen does not have the flexibility of sapphire, which is harder than any kind of artificial glass, and sapphire material apparently still need to be sent to 5.5 inches on the product. 
In addition, the video display, 4.7-inch external screen iPhone 6 abrasion resistance is also very strong, with a knife or other sharp objects to their cause damage difficult, overall very impressive. 


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