Sapphire boom struck

Whenever Apple's new release, will cause capital market speculation on its industrial chain, where the concept of the most promising markets sapphire. This is mainly due to the new version iphone6 ​​of 5.5 inches, iwatch will be equipped with sapphire display. In fact, Apple has already started from iphone5s sapphire application on the phone, but only to protect the lens and configure the Home key surface. Now to the iphone6 ​​era, sapphire whole panel will have more large-scale application. 
From the current point of view of supply and demand, as countries continue to ban incandescent light, such as the introduction of favorable policies, LED lighting gold cycle has started, and Apple demand for space will be opened, resulting in a shortage of state sapphire industry, driven by a sharp rise in product prices . Which ingot prices have risen to $ 5.5 from $ 4 per mm, up more than 37%. 
Since Apple patent application sapphire, Samsung, LG, millet has indicated that they will have the phone with sapphire screen, will open a new space for the growth of sapphire panels future demand, especially cutting equipment will increase the demand for sapphire. 
Since becoming one of Han's Laser Apple supplier, Apple offers sapphire laser cutting equipment, and participate in sapphire micro-processing business is optimistic about the market. The company in the original iphone cutting equipment in more than half of the market share. With Apple iphone6, iwatch continue to introduce new products, such as would be spawned demand for sapphire screen, thereby increasing the company cutting equipment orders. 
In addition, Jing Sheng As the technology leader in mechanical and electrical silicon crystal growth equipment suppliers in the industry layout earlier. The face of a broad market space industry also began to overweight sapphire industry. Central planning a joint venture with crystal ring electronics, annual production capacity of 25 million mm sapphire crystal rod projects. And also actively layout sapphire industry chain integration, self sapphire crystal furnace. There will be 100 units are expected in the second half Sapphire Dan Changjing furnace equipment, all put into production. Sapphire can not be the main reason is the large-scale use of sapphire that higher prices, but the company's current production equipment will help Sapphire Dan Changjing sapphire furnace production, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the price of sapphire. Reduce costs, will help expand market demand. However, due later this year, the company's long-crystal furnace equipment will be put into production, the results will be reflected in 2015.

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