iPhone 6 sapphire display scratch resistance test: Unbreakable

According to the U.S. "Forbes" magazine reported on July 7, Apple invested more than 578 million U.S. dollars (about 3.5 billion yuan) for research and development Sapphire panel, which shows its many years of Corning Gorilla Glass will not be used in iPhone6 ​​on. In recent upload a video, leading U.S. technology blog author Marques Brownlee video rumored 4.7 inches on the iPhone 6 panel conducted a scratch resistance test. In this video, try to use the keys and knife Brownlee draw scratches on the panel, and then proceeded to try bending test was carried out, but ultimately not able to scratch this panel. But because this is only a single survey and design panel, and Brownlee admit that we still can not speculate on its durability machine, such as when the whole screen is delicate drop, etc., but we sapphire scratch resistance seen . 
Is obvious that, if the sapphire panel iPhone6 ​​shipments, this change still popular with users welcome. Many people in the front protective film paste iPhone, but the screen is still very easy to fall crack, smart phone services iCracked name is resulting. Sapphire rumors that the former will only be used on the front panel 5.5-inch iPhone, however, this 4.7-inch sapphire panel will make appearances rumors proved unfounded. Also, due to the high-resolution sapphire material, so Apple has long used the sapphire glass on its camera and fingerprint sensor. And Brownlee said, this slim and light transmittance level of sapphire material is let him surprise the panel, which also refutes doubted sapphire light transmittance and thinness less gorilla glass rumors. 
Remove the outer piece flattering panel, as previously reported, the new iPhone's battery is still somewhat disappointing. However, on the exact message iPhone6 ​​we also know very little, all the expectations and questions will be in two months after the release will have the answer. Finally, thanks to spy heartthrob Sonny Dickson has provided us with a piece of sapphire panel.

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