iphone4/4s into the replacement stage

Recently, one of China Unicom and China Mobile has received a prototype for testing the 4G network iphone6 ​​news, once again ignited the market for the apple industry chain concerns. With iphone6, iwatch new generation of Apple products Published approaching, market orders on Apple added iphone6 ​​continue to spread the news. Recently Foxconn, Pegatron, Foxconn and other manufacturers wantonly recruitment phenomenon would seem to indicate that the iphone6 ​​mass production in July, will substantially increase shipments than in the past, related to large-scale enterprises have entered the stocking phase. 
Although at the beginning of 6 WWDC conference, Apple did not reveal any news about iphone6 ​​and iwatch other products, so many fruit powder shouted down. However, according to Apple's practices, iphone6 ​​will officially launch in September. However, for new products, the market is not looking on, mainly due to the current high penetration of smart phones, the country has more than 90%, so the sales of new products, expressed concern. 
In this regard, Ping An Securities analyst Liu Shun every do not think so. He said that in 2012 overall sales iphone roughly 125 million, which accounted for 83% of the share iphone4/4s. At that time users and telecom operators contract period of two years, so the contract period for the user, it will enter the replacement stage. Expected replacement demand potential users iphone4/4s will reach 100 million. And then iphone4/4s screen size of 3.5 inches, but in recent years the market for large-screen machines liking, prompting the new Apple product launch large-screen design, but also the desire to enhance the user switches. In addition, with the gradual release of 4G licenses, 4G networks will become mainstream, it will pull iphone6 ​​such as 4G mobile phone sales. 
Recently about the new iphone "intelligence" is also overwhelming hit, bringing together the current market for iphone6 ​​rumors, we can see the new products will have new features NFC, wireless charging, sapphire screens. Golden State Securities analyst Chen Ping said the new products, adding new properties, will enable more enterprises to enter the apple industry chain, to promote high growth performance of the company. Therefore, we recommend investors should focus on the apple industry chain, new entrants, or the value has been raised by the share of new products as well as parts suppliers.

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