Sapphire screen will become Apple's next killer

As we all know, in 2007 after the successful launch of Apple's iPhone, it made ​​a star of Corning Gorilla glass, anodized aluminum unibody metal material and integrally molded crafts, recently triggered a wave of TouchID with fingerprint recognition, a time, a high-end smart fingerprint recognition phone standard. 
Currently, market participants generally believe that the sapphire screen will become the next generation iPhone killer even iWatch introduced new technology. Although this aspect of the judgment has not been recognized by Apple, but all indications are that Apple sapphire screen up and down the foot work. 
It is reported that the sapphire glass (SAPPHIRECRYSTAL) although the name sapphire crown, but also a glass, natural sapphire are very different, is a relatively cheap industrial products, but cost more than ordinary glass or tempered glass, Corning Gorilla this chemical much higher. Although there is some controversy before the launch, but Apple has been on a small scale attempt to use iPhone5s sapphire glass, namely the Home key and camera protective glass, these two positions are key but smaller area. 
It should be said that there are already conclusive evidence to show that Apple sapphire glass with confidence. As early as last November, Apple and sapphire equipment manufacturer GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) signed a trade agreement. The agreement, Apple is GT "in Arizona an Apple factory" to provide $ 578 million in prepayments, which controls and operates manufacturing furnace GT sapphire material. 
Apple CEO Tim Cook (TimCook) in February this year, has said that the sapphire production facility is a "secret plan" established. Given Apple's next sapphire foot work, the scope of the market speculated that this secret project coming from the Apple Smart Watch (aka iWatch) pushed to a high-end "iPhone6" model. 
Insiders said that at present can not be determined is whether the iPhone will directly sapphire panel, in accordance with the normal logic, range should be from small screen gradually extended to the big screen, that from now on camera, Home key to iWatch, small screen iPhone big-screen iPhone, iPad ...... etc. development. 
And if Apple began to use a large area sapphire glass panels, with the technology to overcome disadvantage and will soon be followed by other mobile phone manufacturers adopt; while new technologies based on the use of Apple already has its herding, so Apple's emphasis on sapphire, will undoubtedly lead to the market to follow suit heat on sapphire chain.

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