IPAD will spend sapphire

According to foreign media reports, some industry analysts believe that in 2015 Apple's new line of iOS devices will be equipped with sapphire, including the iPhone, iPadAir, iPadmini and IPOdtouch. The analyst pointed out that in recent years some of the new features of iPhone are "leading" in the iPad, such as Siri and TouchID, and the next year to follow up the iPad will get these new features in the iPhone later. Thus, Apple is likely to be released sapphire iPad in 2015. 
Analyst Matt Margolis recently on sapphire suppliers GTAdvanced supply chain were investigated and subsequently released a report, GTAdvanced is expected to produce 200 million sapphire glass, thus providing ample display source for iPhone6 ​​and iWatch. Margolis wrote in the report, "Through the sapphire screen supply chain study, I think it will be able to produce enough GTAdvanced sapphire glass for iWatch, 4.7 and 5.5 inches iPhone6 ​​use. Additionally, GTAdvanced highest annual sapphire glass the more than 200 million. "
Margolis also noted that, GTAdvanced has installed more than 2,500 furnaces, pay at the end of the final sum prepayment waiting for Apple, and these furnaces to produce sapphire weighing 200-235 kilograms screen. 
In fact, as early as February this year, Margolis had forecast annual output will GTAdvanced sapphire 1-2 one hundred million, but the report said that in this production will be more than 200 million, which means that Apple will be able to get enough for 4.7/5.5 inch sapphire glass iPhone and iWatch. 
Earlier media reports, the yield limit sapphire glass, Apple may only be used on a large-sized iPhone6, which will also pull the iPhone price. Other media reports, according to GTAdvanced procurement of equipment and the number of raw materials is expected that Apple will use the sapphire glass in a larger context. Configuration, in addition to the use of sapphire glass, the two iPhone6 ​​will be more frivolous and configure A8 processor and improved camera. As iPhone6 ​​release time, the outside world is forecast to September of this year, 5.5 inches iPhone6 ​​released before the end of time; while iWatch release date is most likely in October.

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