Sapphire industry welcome outbreak

In the short term, given the limited supply of sapphire material efficiently, and therefore not all of a sudden Apple in iwatch, iphone sapphire material used in all the above. Analysts said Apple covers the entire product, will promote the arrival of the wave of smart devices sapphire, sapphire future explosive growth, mainly from promoting the use of mobile phone screen, smart watches and other areas. 
Minsheng Securities said in a report that, even without considering the display sapphire, currently used only in accordance with the lens and the home button, if you cover the use of 0.025 2 in. sapphire substrate according to Apple's lens protection, Home keys 0.1 2 inches Sapphire substrate to calculate the permeability using certain assumptions, a conservative estimate to 2015 will pull about 2 inches sapphire substrate 37 million, equivalent to more than half the country's total output current, 30% of global production in 2013. 
Assuming Apple's mobile phone shipments in 2015 230 million, respectively, assuming sapphire usage 20%, 50%, 80%, 100%, a simple projection available, assuming all Apple mobile phone screen with sapphire, the demand for this is quite simply the screen at 7 times 2013 global sapphire production. If you consider learning effects other smartphones, the sapphire demand will be greater. 
In addition, with the outbreak of future demand and production of sapphire, the demand for related supplies also have more explosive growth. According to 2013 Global 130 million 2-inch slices to calculate the value of the diamond wire is probably consume up to 244 million yuan. If used in all future Apple screen sapphire, market capacity increased by 7 times the value of the diamond wire required corresponding to 20 billion yuan. And if other smartphones than Apple also promote the sapphire screen applications, the demand will continue to increase, sapphire diamond line with the market size will be over ten billion yuan.

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