Interpreting LED Spotlights CLEAR Detect Only Two Meet The Minimum Efficiency Requirements for Light


In mid- September , after the fourth round testing program CLEAR LED Spotlight ( distribution channels class )LED spotlights test results announced recently the seventh round LED spotlights test results also have a furnace . The current round of testing samples of nominal power LED spotlight 3W and 4W, mainly between the measured power 3W-4.5W, and all from the electricity supplier channels of 30 models from 30 different manufacturers .

30 models requires comparison sample test data and spotlights Energy Star , the total flux does not meet the minimum requirements of paragraph 27 samples meet the minimum efficiency requirements of light , the rate was 90 percent , a large test data than the previous lamps improved.

Contrast the fourth round LED Spotlight ( distribution channels class ) test results show that the average class spotlights light efficiency of distribution channels is 47.5lm / W, average class light efficiency electricity supplier channels Spotlight is 53.3lm / W.

On power , 27 samples marked 3W in 7 of the measured power over 4W, which Everlight model EL-CL2.5D4/3/D60/SMD/30/D/O measured power is 4.41W, real growth 47 %.

Currently , the relevant competent authorities in LED lighting products packaging and labeling at no uniform mandatory requirements , many manufacturers in the packaging logo above is perpetrating a fraud . From the field in terms of the entire application , unless it is a large project, the Party will be asked to issue a test report , but most owners do not require the production of test reports, home decoration is even more needed.

Domestic LED lighting market is highly competitive , and the price war going on , the cost issue has become a maximum luminous efficiency considerations .

Industry sources said some of the products in the package above identifies only part of the power , not the whole lamp power , the practice of these companies is to circumvent the light effect . If the identity of the whole lamp power , consumers can calculate the difference between optical efficiency obtained with conventional energy-saving lamps .

Identifies power is small, while the actual power, in flux unchanged, then the actual power value calculated from the luminous efficiency than power identified by optical efficiency values ​​calculated from the lower . If the luminous efficiency of LED lights with energy-saving lighting effect similar tradition , then why spend the consumer price of LED light efficiency energy saving lamps to buy it .

Dong Pei believes that as consumers should have the right to know , in the United States and Europe , walking a fine line on the packaging manufacturers will be media and knowledgeable consumers, " Gaosi ," but there is no ability to identify domestic consumers , as long as they catch consumer psychology of the people living selling cheap enough and still be able to sell large .

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