Competitive International Market,Companies Need to Lianhaoneigong LED


In recent years, LED semiconductor lighting industry has developed rapidly , the demand for LED lighting products continues to rise. In 2012 the European Union has a total ban on the sale of incandescent LED lighting products light, in 2014 the United States will no longer produce and sell 60 -watt and 40-watt incandescent . Meanwhile, Canada has officially disabled 75 -watt and 100 -watt incandescent, massive release of foreign demand . Other emerging market countries , such as Thailand , Russia, Latin America and Africa will usher in a massive influx of street light facelift in 2014 .

Faced with an increasingly full of opportunities abroad lighting market , many domestic LED manufacturers hold with great interest. In the international market and establish a good brand has been the goal , despite the establishment of a strong brand influence in the current fierce competition in the market need to go through a certain process , competitive international market , domestic LED enterprises should Lianhaoneigong good job following aspects . Only the eye inward and outward in order to develop better .

First, the application of technology innovation. LED application technology innovation in the development and successful R & D, design a non-imaging optical system with independent intellectual property rights , advanced heat sink optimization software as well as high efficiency, high reliability LED driver technology , "wisdom treasure " LED remote wireless intelligent control system , the world's first " guardian " intelligent lighting system , formed its own core technologies to meet the standards of the North American LED lighting , while giving customers an efficient short-term return on investment , the project involves DOT ( Department of Transportation ) , the power company , SHOPPING MALL other important areas. Focus on product and market demand goodness of fit , but also has unique innovative technologies that not only provide products while providing overall lighting solutions.

Second, business model innovation . 2012 , on the business model innovation, and successfully implemented in the United States, Asia , South America and other countries. Can be settled in the local technology , product localization, and can expand brand awareness , while customers and their end customers can get the most direct pre-sales , after-sales service . Cooperation model with diversity and flexibility , according to the actual needs of customers to tailor . For example, you can carry out technical cooperation , collaboration products , market cooperation. Provide one-stop service for all customers , not just sell lights , but also selling services , selling programs , selling business model.

Third, the product price and quality management. In the international market is to double the price and quality assessment in the design of the product and on the need to consider the overall market position in all aspects , in order to do good attitude watches each lamp , establish a strict vendor access and assessment mechanism , the incoming quality from the source that the good relations ; in production strictly follow the quality standards, but also the production process excellence ; in terms of price , by a large procurement, logistics, technology optimization, to create optimal cost-effective products for our customers providing high-quality , cost-effective products , and promote LED lighting products as soon as possible into the broader international market .

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