Interpretation of Test Reports Flux LED Spotlights CLEAR Compliance Rate Was Zero


In mid- September , after the fourth round testing program CLEAR LED Spotlight ( distribution channels class )LED spotlight test results announced recently the seventh round LED spotlights test results also have a furnace . The current round of testing LED spotlights , the selected sample of nominal power of 3W and 4W, mainly between the measured power 3W-4.5W, and all purchased from domestic business platform of 30 models from 30 different manufacturers .

Contrast the fourth round LED Spotlight ( distribution channels class ) test results show that the average distribution channels class spotlights flux 184.3lm, electricity providers channel class spotlights average flux 191.0lm. Which spotlights the measured flux from Kerastase Man is only 109.6 , crystal fly JFTHD-3W-3016 model spotlights the measured flux is 115.4lm, 200lm luminous flux below the number has 14 , accounting for 46.7% .

Factors that affect the flux of a variety of lamps , from the detection part is concerned , because there is no domestic factors formal testing laboratories, instruments, testing environment , operators , and so will affect the measured results spotlights . So some manufacturers tend to use the photometer, integrating sphere relative to human error will be relatively small .

From the lamp itself, shade light transmittance, light beads and luminous flux and power efficiency is closely related to the quality of devices and accessories and also by cost considerations .

On power , 27 samples marked 3W in 7 of the measured power over 4W, which Everlight model EL-CL2.5D4/3/D60/SMD/30/D/O measured power is 4.41W, real growth 47 %. Identifies power is small, while the actual power, which for ordinary people power large visual brightness, can increase the desire to buy, but standing on the energy saving point of view , this also with the purpose of energy saving LED lighting contrary .

In the absence of a unified industry standard for domestic LED lighting market , industry sources said , the parameters are not marked and labeled , and measured the gap between the number of issues such as nominal , depending on the manufacturer's responsibility and the sense of crisis , competitive customer will consider lumens , the luminous efficiency and competitiveness combined measure of lamps cost.

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