LED Lighting Market Triggered A Global Standard Benefit Game


In recent years , global energy issues become increasingly tense as the LED energy-saving environmental protection industry mushroomed developed. Meanwhile, with the world's countries have FMCT LED lighting incandescent and ongoing urbanization , the global LED lighting to replace incandescent opened the prelude , LED lighting market potential. In 2015 the global LED lighting market will reach $ 21.7 billion .

Europe and Japan and South Korea and other countries have introduced policies to support the development of LED lighting industry , holds the international giant LED core technology is located under the strict patent barriers , the International Commission on Illumination , International Electrotechnical Commission, the European light engine Commission, the U.S. Energy Star and other industry organizations have also set up their own LED lighting products standards define rules of the game .

In the competitive situation of economic globalization , the global LED industry is also deeply felt , integration specification , setting norms and uniform standards without delay. However, these existing or to be developed standard, who have authority, professionalism , versatility, enough potential to dominate the world , and truly become an international universal standard ?

Favorable factors , the integration of Guangdong LED industry quality resources to fill the standardization of optical components and lighting standards vacancy , achieve universal LED application products , compatibility of LED standard optical components emerged, and in Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology , National Semiconductor Lighting R & D and industry Alliance guidance, as well as under the organization and implementation of Guangdong Province semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation centers, Fruitful repeatedly to promote the vigorous development of China's LED industry healthy , among the world's LED industry in the forefront of the foundation. LED light module for its authoritative standards , professionalism and practicality , the Chinese standard will gradually move towards world standards , and implement changes made ​​to the Chinese wisdom made ​​by China .

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