Intensified Global Competition,LED World War


LED industry years ago, the war has started vague , but the parties are eroded preparation stage, the conflict is not obvious . But this year LED compete smoke four LED lighting onwards, the price war has broke out, followed by the channel war surfaced. A general review of the global LED industry, the outbreak of World War II , industry structure will also face reconstruction.

Currently, almost all countries industrial LED lighting applications are on the same starting line. Among these, the Japanese quality and technology with a strong development capability , stable leadership in the global LED industry , the current global market share of about 41.5% . South Korea 's fastest-growing , investment in the development of LED industry in 2002 to 2010 market share approaching 10 %. The LED lighting market in Europe in 2011 has exceeded $ 2.08 billion , is expected to increase to $ 3.01 billion this year and next after Japan 's fast-growing LED lighting market maturity .

China Taiwan market share in the region between 2003 and 2006 remained at about 20% , after growing year by year , until 2010 reached 25.3% ; Chinese mainland continued to grow slightly in 2010, the market share of only 5%. Moreover, the Chinese LED industry concentration is low , small scale , lack of core technology , under the situation of economic globalization and international giants tight patent portfolio , competitive advantage is not obvious , the Chinese LED industry urgently needs a rapid rise breakthrough.

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