Status LED Industry:Europe Leading The Policy Help China Accelerate


Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and other six ministries jointly issued the " LED lightingsemiconductor lighting energy industry planning ," which further articulated the "Twelve Five" period, China 's LED industry development goals, major tasks and measures to support and clearly to promote energy-saving LED lighting industry value of the average annual growth of around 30% in 2015 to reach 450 billion yuan , of which the LED industry reached 180 billion yuan applications .

As a national key support , foster the development of strategic emerging industries - LED lighting is the application of a new generation of revolutionary lighting technology, energy saving, environmental protection , high efficiency and other characteristics, especially in the traditional energy sources , environmental pollution and other factors today, LED lighting industry will undoubtedly become a national focus and community projects in focus.

Why LED Industry Leader in Europe And The United

Under enormous pressure of global environmental protection , energy crisis , semiconductor lighting has been recognized as an important way the world a healthy energy saving , governments actively provide policy and financial support to enterprises to achieve technological breakthroughs , accelerate LED commercialization process .

Japan as early as 1998 on the development of "21st Century Light Plan " and in 1998-2002 between 5 billion yen to develop into white LED semiconductor lighting , and new semiconductor materials, substrates , phosphor and lighting. According to the Japanese government introduced the policy in 2012, incandescent bulbs must be withdrawn from the market before , urging LED lighting consumption grew more than 200% . In addition , the Japanese government also stipulates 2006-2007 business or organization to replace incandescent lighting device using LED lighting fixtures, get 130% of the excess amount of investment depreciation , or 7% of the investment tax relief .

European countries efforts to support the LED industry is not small . The EU launched the " information and communication technology for high brightness and lighting equipment organic light-emitting diode projects," investment of 20 million euros, effectively improve the efficiency of organic light emitting diode . Meanwhile, the National Union also carried out a comprehensive ban on the production and sale of incandescent, fluorescent , energy saving lamps, LED lighting applications to promote the development of technology.

U.S. federal government launched in 2002 the "National Semiconductor Lighting Research Program ," and included "Energy Act " , companies can get $ 50 million annually to support financial funds , totaling $ 500 million for 10 years of financial funding. Congress LED lighting project funding support from the $ 3 million in 2003 rose to $ 30 million in 2007 , the 2009 and 2010 funding continues to rise. 2011 and 2012 according to the economic stimulus package , the U.S. Congress for the LED lighting R & D spending increased by $ 50 million and $ 37.8 million , making the total funding for the past two years nearly $ 140 million .

In support of the policy and funding , the LED industry in Japan is the world 's largest producer , and its development trend is almost Compass global LED industry development , while the United States and Europe in the upstream epitaxy and chip core with leading-edge technology .

Policy Shift Speed Boost China LED

Since China started late in the LED industry , while LED core technology and patents on the basis of being monopolized by foreign , development is relatively slow , but with the support of national and local LED industry is gradually increasing, China 's LED industry has begun to enter the development phase .

According to the survey , since 2009 our country has introduced a number of policies to support and encourage the development of LED industry. April 2009 , the Ministry of Science published "agreed on launching the" city of ten thousand " Reply body lighting application engineering pilot work ," according to Ministry of Planning , will build two million LED lights in 50 cities. In September, the National Development and Reform Commission , Ministry of Science and other six ministries issued " semiconductor lighting energy industry ," the comments made , large-scale MOCVD equipment, key raw materials and more than 70 % of the chip to achieve localization , upstream chip-scale manufacturing enterprises 3 to 5 ; industry concentration significantly increased, so has its own brand , the larger market influence of leading enterprises 10 ; initially established semiconductor lighting standards ; to 2015 , the average annual growth rate of about 30% , functional lighting market share of about 20% ; LCD backlight to achieve over 50% , landscape decorative products reach more than 70% market share .

February 2013 , the National Development and Reform Commission , Ministry of Science and other six ministries issued " semiconductor lighting energy industry planning" , the program goals: localization rate of 80% or more LED chips , silicon-based LED chip made ​​an important breakthrough . The quality of the core components of the luminous efficiency and application products reach the international advanced level in the same period ; major MOCVD equipment, key raw materials to achieve localization , testing equipment localization rate of over 70%. Establishment of the world's advanced level of development, testing platforms and standards, certification systems ; 2015 , 60W incandescent lamp for general lighting above all eliminated, the market share will drop to below 10% , LED functional lighting products market share of 20 more than %; LED lighting energy industry output annual growth of about 30 % in 2015 to reach 450 billion yuan ( including LED lighting applications 180 billion yuan ; forming 10-15 master core technologies , intellectual property rights and have more well-known brands, quality competitive leading enterprises .

Meanwhile, many domestic provinces based on energy conservation , environmental protection needs , have proposed a " local version" of the LED industry development policy . April 2011 , the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department released "Guangdong LED industry ," second five "plan" , the plan put forward in 2015 , cultivating 1-2 family property value of 10 billion yuan enterprises, cultivate a to two output value reached 100 billion yuan of industrial clusters , the province's strategic emerging LED industry scale exceeded 3,000 billion yuan.

2009 , Yangzhou City, proposed the purchase of LED will be subsidized. Among them, the blue-green MOCVD31 machine and more, subsidies of up to 10 million yuan / Taiwan ; red, yellow, light MOCVD38 machine and more subsidies up to 800 yuan / sets ( city , two each bear 50% of the financial district ) . According to estimates, Yangzhou light in the field of equipment subsidies invested 10 billion yuan.

In terms of product applications , Shenzhen proposed for participation in government investment projects LED demonstration project of the enterprise, based on the price of the lamp to give a 10% subsidy and interest subsidy for three years. LED enterprises to invest in projects to undertake demonstration projects of enterprises , according to the 30% LED lighting price subsidies.

Industry insiders believe that with the support of state policies , as well as efforts to increase financial subsidies to promote the national and local governments take the lead in implementing the use of LED lighting and other measures , which the LED has played a guiding role in the development of enterprises , and through financial support but also enable enterprises in technology the breakthrough to enable enterprises to have more confidence to face competition in the market , to accelerate the process of internationalization of China's LED industry.

Policies to Support Chinese Enterprises Bright LED to be Found

State incentives for continuous release , and then to support the funding and subsidies , shows the determination of the national development of energy saving strategic emerging industry. Under the Government's active promotion , China LED companies are committed to technology innovation, creativity , research and development capabilities continue to improve , and actively through vertical integration , extend the industrial chain , the development of industrial clusters, gradually narrowing the gap between the world of traditional LED giants.

Our LED epitaxial materials , chip fabrication , device packaging , phosphor , etc. have appeared cell technology with independent property rights in technology , an original part of the core technology , the initial formation of the upstream material , midstream chip preparation , the downstream device packaging and integration of applications from the relatively complete industrial system development and for China LED industry bigger and stronger to some extent, laid the foundation. Currently 863 projects bear patented 241 units , of which 152 patents , 17 foreign patents .

Made great breakthroughs in key industrial technologies , power type chip from scratch, homemade chips import substitution proportion increased year by year , as has now reached 46%. Power white LED package close to the international advanced level, has become an important global LED packaging base. Enterprises as the mainstay of 100 lm / W LED manufacturing technology progress faster , better results industrialization online completed close to 70 lumens / watt. Power -type silicon substrate after the efficiency of white LED chip package with independent intellectual property rights of more than 50 lumens / watt.

Large-scale systems integration technology research , and major applications smoothly. Type and scale applications in the international forefront , has become a global full-color LED display , solar LED, landscape lighting and other applications the largest producer and exporter. July 2008 , Hisense 's first 42 inches of ultra-thin LED backlit LCD TV officially listed , breaking the monopoly of foreign manufacturers , indicates that 40 percent of the world's total production of consumer electronics products China began large-scale use LED technology. In 2012, China's semiconductor lighting industry output has more than 190 billion yuan .

In support of national policy in their own innovative transformation, China emerged as a leader in Sanan Optoelectronics LED large number of brands, from the Chinese LED industry is doing "product" to do " brand" change, and then continue to promote China 's LED industry from "Made in China " to " Created in China " changes.

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