U.S. LED into A New Cycle of Boom


LED has experienced since the birth of three rapid development period, which corresponds to three times theLED lamps development of LED used in mobile phones , small panels and television industry , but with the mature industry and overcapacity , LED once to silence. Today , LED energy-efficient lighting into LED boom became a new turning point.

Lighting market is huge , incandescent high-energy, high-heat , low- life , LED energy saving trend is that the key is when the boom started.

Industry experts said the LED lighting boom starting conditions from three aspects: government policy , driven by manufacturers to reduce costs and end-user purchase intention .

Under the policy to promote the next two years, the incandescent will exit the stage of history , and as manufacturing costs continue to decline , overseas consumers, compared with CFL energy saving lamps, LED lamps current prices overseas have started very competitive we expect LED lighting is about to enter high boom .

Policy developments

United States enacted the "Energy Independence and Security Act " in 2007 , a clear timetable for incandescent exit the market . 2014 , 40W incandescent above will be banned in the U.S. market .

According to the resolution of the European Commission in the design of ecological management committee meeting of December 2008 , the time limit for incandescent exit in Europe in 2012 . China Development and Reform Commission of China and other five departments to formulate plans for the incandescent exit : 60W in 2014 , 15W in 2016 , so domestic demand LED will start later in Europe and America.

After being forced out of incandescent , LED lights main competitors in the field of commercial lighting is CFL, LED light indicators are better than CFL, its only disadvantage is the price . In 2013 , some U.S. manufacturers have introduced a $ 10 less 5WLED bulbs can replace 40W incandescent, hours from the unit price is cheaper than watching CFL energy-saving lamps . According to the above data analysis, the next two years , the overseas demand for the rapid growth of LED commercial lighting is very bright , for the A -share market investors, beginning this year, as technology advances, some domestic LED manufacturers have begun to cut international manufacturers supply chain this is worthy of close attention .

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