LED Industry Enterprises Benefit From Warmer Kunming


LED illumination LED is Ⅲ - Ⅳ aromatic compounds, such as GaAs ( gallium arsenide ), GaP ( Gallium Phosphide ), GaAsP ( gallium phosphorus ), and other semiconductor LED lighting 's . In the LED industry , in 2012 the metal gallium consumption exceeded 100 tons, about 80% , together with the modern semiconductor industry ( wireless communications and LED lighting ) the amount of the annual accounts for the metal gallium production . It is due to the development of downstream industries led LED demand for the metal gallium explosive growth .

Recently, according to the National 23 listed companies focused on LED interim report showed that nearly 60% of the LED listed companies to increase overall sales revenue in the first half , and further indicates that the light-emitting diode (LED) industry's rebound is a fact . In this regard, as Kunming larger LED production vendors - Cloud Optoelectronic Co., the official said, the majority of three quarters of Kunming LED business sales situation is relatively stable , subject to the previous " Ga " and is mainly used little impact on non-ferrous metal raw material prices in the manufacture of LED optoelectronic products.

" orders in July and August are ideal, most orders are LED indoor lighting and outdoor advertising production . " loess slope near the LED light store owner Liu Jia said that although the basic production equipment at full production status , the company still has to orders routed to the end of September , the sales situation is relatively better last year , and for this raw material prices There has been no obvious feelings.

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