LED Home Lighting into The Largest Potential Market


The LED is a LED lighting Ⅲ - Ⅳ aromatic compounds, such as GaAs ( gallium arsenide ), GaP ( GalliumLED lighting Phosphide ), GaAsP ( gallium phosphorus ) and other semiconductor formed 's .

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued " intensify its efforts to ensure the realization of 2013 emission reduction targets notification tasks ," according to "notice" the spirit , the NDRC , the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing collectively responsible for promoting the implementation of green lighting project , the implementation of semiconductor lighting (LED ) energy industry planning, continue to implement projects that benefit the energy-saving products , promote efficient lighting products 130 million . It is reported that the future of green lighting from fluorescent shift of financial subsidies , such as efficient LED lighting products .

Green Commercial Lighting Outbreak

Industry data show that this year's explosive power LED commercial lighting market is huge . LED street light tender in the first half total of more than $ 20 billion so far in some provinces and cities bidding amount has far exceeded the level of the year 2012 . In addition, due to the large-scale international cooperation with China LED LED business enterprises , the Chinese LED technology to enhance the overall water products , is expected as the LED technology matures , prices continue to drop , the surface can be extended to more and more, including LED lights commercial lighting will usher in a new wave of growth.

From today's commercial lighting market watch , LED products are constantly replace traditional lighting products. In contrast , LED lighting products have long life, high luminous efficiency, more energy saving, no flicker, no significant advantages , such as radiation and low efficacy . " high price " The biggest drawback with the constant advances in technology will gradually be resolved. Insiders also said , LED large-scale product has been a long time failed to apply to commercial lighting field , the price is one big factor . Therefore , at this time the NDRC issued a notice to increase energy conservation efforts for the expansion of LED lighting products in the commercial market share , will play a positive role in promoting and facilitating . Industry generally said that the future of large-scale LED lighting into the commercial realm is inevitable . On the basis of eco-friendly , enterprises can accelerate industrial upgrading , the introduction of cost-effective lighting products , will also be a key factor in the survival of the fittest lighting market in the future.

Currently , under the impetus of national policy, with the continued decline in the price of LED lighting products , and then out of the lighting consumption cost considerations , more and more businesses began to take the initiative to replace and optional LED lighting products. Insiders told reporters that this year the domestic LED lamp shipments are expected to exceed the growth rate of 100%, while watching from the next five years , LED lamp sales growth rate will be maintained at more than 33 % growth in market size will be maintained above 20% , to 2017 , LED lamp market is expected to reach 44.5 billion yuan .

Home Lighting Is The Biggest Potential Market

According to industry experts , LED lighting products, market penetration is hierarchical , and mainly depends on the user -level hierarchical sensitivity , energy prices , such as the degree of urgency . In general , from lighting applications market segments , the long factory lighting , commercial lighting needs are always the first outbreak , the rapid penetration of local lighting applications , final household lighting gradually .

Earlier this year , the National Development and Reform Commission , Ministry of Science , Industry and Information Technology on the other six ministries jointly issued the " semiconductor lighting energy industry planning ." Planning requirements , LED lighting energy industry output value of the average annual growth of around 30% in 2015 to reach 450 billion yuan ( including LED lighting applications 180 billion yuan ) . The introduction of this plan is undoubtedly a lamp was lit LED road lighting industry .

From the point of view of the traditional lighting market , China's lighting needs are enormous . 2012 incandescent and energy-saving lamps mainland market demand reached 1.176 billion and 1.269 billion , the market demand for straight tube fluorescent lamp 830 million , the market demand for circular fluorescent lamp is 800 million , halogen lamps market demand for the 755 million ...... If these LED lighting products will be replaced this market will be very broad . CEO of the world's leading innovator of lighting and semiconductor manufacturer Cree 's Shiwoboda had made ​​it clear that , "Our goal is to replace every incandescent bulbs. "

Although a huge potential market for household lighting , but because LED lighting needs of a larger initial investment , consumer confidence has not yet been fully established , so the industry said that while the industry is generally optimistic about the prospects of LED home lighting , but the high price and product quality is still the LED popularity of home lighting biggest stumbling block on the road . Insiders predict , LED bulbs in the popularity of the home market in 2020 was expected to jump from the current 1% to 32%.

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