2030 Japan LED Lighting Penetration Will Reach 30%


The LED is a LED lighting Ⅲ - Ⅳ aromatic compounds, such as GaAs ( gallium arsenide ), GaP ( GalliumLED lighting Phosphide ), GaAsP ( gallium phosphorus ) and other semiconductor formed 's . In the LED industry, in 2009 the consumption of the metal gallium is about 25 tons in 2010 to about 50 tons in 2011 will reach 75 tons , in 2012 exceeded 100 tons, together with the modern semiconductor industry ( wireless communications and LED lighting ) using amount accounts for about 80 percent of annual production of gallium metal . It is due to the development of downstream industries led LED demand for the metal gallium explosive growth .

Japan's industrial province of planned economy , the country expects to replace more than 60% of the incandescent LED and OLED lighting products in 2030.

Industrial economy ministry said , although at this stage fluorescent lamps for general lighting advantage in terms of short-term economic benefits, but in the future development of the product has great limitations . In contrast, in recent years, LED lighting, light effects developed rapidly, the cost of finished products also led to the decline in prices, thus replacing traditional lighting products is still very promising .

Japan's machinery industry based on a combination would guess , 2030 , LED and OLED lighting in Japan, interior lighting penetration will reach 30% , consumption will account for 20% of total electricity for lighting , energy saving and carbon reduction benefits, then the annual savings of 18.7 billion kwh of power , or 7 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

IEA data from the World Resources Institute , Japan's per capita energy consumption among the best in the world , it also means improving energy efficiency in Japan there is great potential in Japan 's own resources are not abundant, but also improve energy efficiency for sustainable requirements development.

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