Aiming Given China LED Market Foreign Domestic Enterprises Must Meet The Challenge United


LED is Ⅲ - Ⅳ aromatic compounds, such as GaAs ( gallium arsenide ), GaP ( Gallium Phosphide ), GaAsP ( gallium phosphorus ), and other semiconductor. In the LED line LED lighting in the industry , in 2009 the consumption of the metal gallium is about 25 tons in 2010 to about 50 tons in 2011 will reach 75 tons , in 2012 exceeded 100 tons, together with the modern semiconductor industry ( wireless communications and LED lighting ) using amount accounts for about 80 percent of annual production of gallium metal . It is due to the development of downstream industries led LED demand for the metal gallium explosive growth .

In China , the popularity of LED lighting is entering a new phase. LED lighting products from the past government subsidies outdoor lighting , indoor lighting public facilities , commercial facilities, lighting and other purposes, to enter into life among ordinary consumers . 2013 can be seen as the starting point for China LED lighting started fast in popularity among ordinary consumers .

However , at the same time , companies are constantly intensified competition . In the crowded market , enterprises are faced with how to make the subject of the formation of differentiated products , large companies have to adjust product strategy , through supplies from the market to the market segments, such as market transport machinery , healthcare and agriculture for a particular purpose .

Specializes in market segments and European companies have been involved in projects in China. Japanese companies , though started late, but with the popularity of LED lighting in the Japanese market experience in China is still expected to show their talents. For Japanese companies , in the initiation of the Chinese market is definitely not to be missed .

2015 The Chinese Market Is About $ 10 Billion

2012 is the Chinese LED lighting popularity of an important year . China Solid State Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance (CSA) said that in 2012 , China's domestic LED industry competition, rapid price decline for one year . From 2012 to start in the next three to five years , China 's LED lighting industry is expected to usher in a golden age by leaps and bounds .

About China 's LED lighting market , Taiwan research firm LEDinside pointed out that " in 2012 , the Chinese government adopted a series of policies and measures to stimulate domestic demand of LED lighting , has begun to promote China 's LED general lighting market ." By 2015, China 's LED lighting demand is expected to reach $ 10 billion in size. By 2020, China 's domestic demand for LED lighting is also expected to expand to $ 22 billion .

Conduct business in China LED companies for the development of LED lighting market is full of confidence . Taiwan's Epistar LED enterprises believe 2015 , LED lighting will account for about 50% of the lighting market. Product prices will reach ordinary consumers affordable level. Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting (Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting) , said the price of LED lighting " to 1.5 times as long as fluorescent lamps , they can be accepted Chinese market , the price can be achieved in the period 2015 - 2016 ."

Strengthening The Central And Provincial Subsidies

The Chinese government is also promoting the popularization of LED lighting , has been providing policy support. In addition to January 2013 release " semiconductor lighting energy industry planning ," but also to consider further support . The plan by the National Development and Reform Commission , Ministry of Science and Technology , Ministry of Industry and Information Technology , Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development , the State Administration of Quality Supervision , Inspection and Quarantine six ministries jointly prepared . The purpose of planning is to depart from the national level , to provide support to the industry , and promote the healthy and orderly development of semiconductor lighting energy industry to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

During the " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" , the Chinese government through subsidies, so that the output value of LED lighting to achieve an average annual growth rate of 30% in 2015 , to raise the output to 450 billion yuan ( more than previously thought 500 billion yuan reduced by 10% ) . Among them, the lighting used in high-power LED lighting products output will seek to expand to 180 billion yuan .

Guangdong provincial government will also grant subsidies . The province March 12, 2012 release of " strategic emerging industries in Guangdong Province ," second five "plan" the LED lighting industry is positioned as eight new basic industries in Guangdong Province , said it will focus on the culture. The province has decided that during the "Twelfth Five-Year" issued about 22 billion yuan in subsidies.

Payment in the form of subsidies varied. The main form of interest payments on loans , guarantees discount , free subsidies, Yijiangdaibu , equity investments, debt investments. The province will adopt these subsidies , strengthening the financial capital and financial capital combination of technology research and development , industrialization and other aspects of comprehensive support. In addition to subsidies , the province will also provide support for expanding LED market .

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