LED Lighting Industry Will Maintain Upward Trend


LED is Ⅲ - Ⅳ aromatic compounds, such as GaAs (gallium arsenide), GaP (Gallium Phosphide), GaAsP (gallium phosphorus), and other semiconductor. In the LED line LED backlight in the industry, in 2009 the consumption of approximately 25 tons of gallium, in 2010 to around 50 tons, in 2011 will reach 75 tons, in 2012 exceeded 100 tons, together with the modern semiconductor industry (wireless communications and LED lighting ) accounted for 80% of usage gallium annual production around. It is due to the development of downstream industries led LED demand for the metal gallium explosive growth.

With the October price hike, the impact investment market is set off a wave of wave energy saving shares rose strongly, LED populations following the stronger solar stocks after a strong rise, saving money chasing stocks became the focus of the disk groups. LED backlighting future hopes smartphones and tablet PCs two applications, TV backlight will likely decline. Backlight market may become weaker, so that manufacturers increased lighting proportion.

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