【Know Molybdenum】Applications of Molybdenum Metal and Alloys

Molybdenum alloys have excellent strength and mechanical stability at high temperatures. Their high ductility and toughness provide a greater tolerance for imperfections and brittle fracture than ceramics.


The unique properties of molybdenum alloys are utilized in many applications:

1. High temperature heating elements and radiation shields;

2. Rotating X-ray anodes used in clinical diagnostics;

3. Glass melting furnace electrodes and components that are resistant to molten glass;

4. Heat sinks for semiconductor chip mounts;

5. Sputtered layers, only 10-7 mm thickness; 

6. Gates and interconnects on integrated circuit chips;

7. Sprayed coatings on automotive piston rings and machine components.


For specialized applications, molybdenum is alloyed with many other metals:

1.Mo-tungsten alloys are noted for exceptional resistance to molten zinc;

2.Mo-copper alloys to provide low expansion and high conductivity electronic circuit boards;

3.Mo-rhenium alloys are used for rocket engine components and liquid metal heat exchangers.


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