【Know Molybdenum】Properties & Applications of Molybdenum Copper Alloy

Properties & Applications of Molybdenum Copper Alloy

Molybdenum copper alloy is a composite material of molybdenum and copper, with both characteristics of high strength, high specific gravity, high temperature resistance, good electrical conductivity and so on. Similar to tungsten copper alloy, it also has adjustable composition, thus having adjustable thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient.

Chemical Components

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1. Used as a vacuum contact;

2.Used as a conductive heat dissipation element;

3. Used as some instrumental components with special requirements;

4. Used for high-temperature parts of rockets and missiles with lower temperature, and can also replace molybdenum as parts in other weapons, such as extended range guns;

5. Used as a solid dynamic seal, a reinforcing rib for sliding friction and an electrode for electrical machining, etc.


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