【Know Molybdenum】Molybdenum Wire Types

Molybdenum Wire Types

1.Pure Molybdenum Wire 

Molybdenum wire has high purity over 99.95% with black and cleaned wires. With good electrical conductivity, it can be applied to single or double spiral cores, electronic tube socket, stent filament incandescent lamp, halogen lamps, discharge tube sealing material, lead-wire, tungsten filament with the mandrel, the grid.

2.High Temperature Molybdenum Wire

High temperature molybdenum wire, also called Mo-La alloy wire, is for high temperature structural materials (printing pins, nuts and screws), halogen lamp holders, high-temp furnace heating elements and leads for quartz and Hi-temp ceramic materials and so on. 

3.Molybdenum Spray Wire

Thin layers of molybdenum give vehicle and machine components that are exposed to high mechanical loads exceptionally good sliding properties coupled with excellent wear resistance. Therefore, molybdenum spray wire is in widespread use in the vehicle and mechanical engineering industries.

4.Molybdenum Wire for EDM

Molybdenum wire for EDM is suitable for high current and high efficiency and can be used for cutting various non-ferrous metals, steel and magnetic materials.


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