【Know Molybdenum】What Are the Types of Molybdenum Alloys?

What Are the Types of Molybdenum Alloys?

1.TZM Alloy

TZM alloy is an alloy that has higher recrystallization temperature than pure molybdenum, which contains 0.5% titanium, 0.08% zirconium and 0.01% carbon. It is usually used to machine hot runner nozzle tip, forging tools and rotating anodes in X-ray tubes. 

2.TZC Alloy

TZC alloy refers to an alloy composed of 1.25% titanium, 0.15% zirconium, 0.15% carbon and molybdenum. It can be used as piercing plug for seamless steel pipe and to make extrusion dies.

3.MHC alloy, namely molybdenum hafnium carbon alloy, containing 1% hafnium and 0.05% carbon, and can be in the metal forming for making extrusion dies. 

4.ZHM alloy, namely zirconium hafnium molybdenum alloy, has better performance than MHC.

5.Mo-W alloy

Molybdenum tungsten alloy is a molybdenum-based alloy containing 30% tungsten. It has excellent corrosion resistance of molten zinc and can be used to make molten zinc pumps and electrolytic zinc electrodes and filter molten zinc.

6.Mo-Re alloy

Molybdenum rhenium alloy is made of molybdenum and more than 40% rhenium, and is widely used in high temperature applications. Their high temperature strength and thermal shock resistance make them the best raw material for radiators, heating elements and other products.

7.Mo-La alloy

Molybdenum-lanthanum alloy is an alloy composed of base metal molybdenum and 0.5%~1.5% La2O3, which can be used to make evaporation boats.

8.Mo-Cu Alloy

The proportion of molybdenum-copper alloy can be customized, such as 85% molybdenum, 80% molybdenum, 70% molybdenum, 60% molybdenum, and 50% molybdenum. It can be made into a radiator and is widely used in aerospace, rockets, glasses, and microelectronics industries.


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