Improved space is limited LED lens product line is the first exploration period

Lens as a high precision optical components, LED industry is one of the indispensable accessories . But the market is more mature segments , from the material , technical side LED street light perspective and no breakthrough change , market prices more transparent , various manufacturers price war .

Single use lenses from the point of view, it not only can be used for LED, can also be used for security , digital cameras , laser , optical instruments and other fields, including silicone , PMMA ( acrylic ), PC, glass and so on the material, but in the LED field aspects still to acrylic and PC -based. PC better heat resistance , widely used outdoors, such as LED lights. Acrylic somewhat less heat resistance , it is generally used indoors .

Although the lens is not a new thing in the country , a large room for improvement is limited, but still trying to explore various manufacturers .

LED lights to deal with the problem of internal stress , Shenzhen likeda nano membrane attached to the COB lens . TV Division, Hu Lihua , deputy general manager , said increasing the lens nano- film LED lights allow for better ventilation , the better solution to the problem of pressure , but you can easily through IP67 waterproof test , of course, the premise is to control it and before the spot lens as well . Currently, in addition to some LED lights wall washer customers also tried this product , having been out 3-5 years, but the future is still promising in outdoor lighting .

COB -based small-angle light distribution technology is difficult, COB current small-angle lens and a handful of businesses do well , the price is still relatively high . So many companies from light considerations, and more willing to use three 1W lamp beads instead of a 3W COB, as well as enterprise solutions is the use of reflective glass instead of a lens. Liangwen Biao said before Dongguan LEDLINK only lens , now on a lot of reflective glass products . The reason why the industry is also considered reflective glass solution is because the use of central reflector cup light intensity better than the lens , but mostly use traditional lighting reflector cup , it still has some feelings , in addition to the reflector cup after plating looks more upscale.

But Hu Lihua still believe that the lens relative to the reflector cup for greater advantage . First Reflector functionality is limited to reflection , and reflection and refraction lens combines a dual function . Reflector can indeed be light source emits light all concentrated in one spot , the utilization rate relative to the lens , it will be higher, but after three lens reflection, refraction , spot uniformity better than the reflective glass . If the application must use a small angle , reflective glass mug must be expanded , and there will be a long time off the coating phenomenon , easy to set dust. This is clearly not realistic lighting space in limited circumstances , but a small angle lens reflector cup is still relatively little easier .

Therefore , the height dimension in the same case , the LED package with the lens only needs to replace the lenses , the cost is relatively low . The angle of the reflector cup on relatively poor compatibility , different emission angles must use a different size reflector cup .

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