LED Engineering Exhibition 2014:Chip Continued to Pick Up Materials And Equipment Cautious about The Short-Term Stimulating Effect


LED chip market continued to pick up this year , and several manufacturers have announced expansion plans . LED chip

LED Engineering Research Institute (GLII) data show that in 2013 China LED industry MOCVD equipment to maintain the total amount of 917 units from 2012 to 1017 , an increase of 11% . Consider the impact of phasing out the production line in 2010 from the old machine before , in 2013 the actual number of new MOCVD machine more than 130 units.

Especially in the downstream lighting applications market demand pull, in 2013 China's domestic enterprises epitaxial silicon capacity utilization increased significantly . Especially since the beginning of this year , in place of MOCVD operation rate close to full capacity status .

Chip factory shipments directly contributing to the rapid rise in shipments of sapphire substrates upstream growth . In particular, the market came sapphire may be Apple's next-generation mobile phone screen message iPhone6 ​​bring a new round of capacity expansion sapphire market . Since the second quarter of this year, the sapphire ingot prices rose 20 percent , pulling the substrate price fluctuations , especially the 4-inch substrate and PSS products have been in short supply in the state.

First staged in Guangzhou Pazhou Fair Pavilion 2014 LED Engineering Fair upcoming September 26, 2014 -28 debut , the show will work -related equipment and materials manufacturers epitaxial joint showcase the latest research results , share innovative changes upstream equipment and materials in the field of decrease costs and benefits brought about upgrading .

LED Engineering Fair 2013 exhibitors - Yun Feng New Energy CEO Xu Yongliang think , smart phones and other mobile terminals on the domestic market of the sapphire market has some pulling power , but the short-term will not be great .

Yongliang Xu to reporters, for example , the current 80 kg Kyropoulos crystal mainstream market , for example, if you make smart phones mainstream size panel probably only do about 1,000 , compared to the heat exchange process either capacity or cost control is more appropriate.

At present, most domestic enterprises are using sapphire crystal growth Kyropoulos after crystal growth furnace equipment manufacturing enterprises are mostly for Kyropoulos process development .

According to the industrial chain conduction effect , the chip maker 's expansion moves will undoubtedly related equipment, including MOCVD, dicing machine, etching machine manufacturers such shipments have a direct positive impact . But for short- pull effect , most industry insiders expressed their cautious optimism.

"This year there are only a few companies expansion needs new equipment , pulling power is very limited, while the annual price of the device must also have a certain degree of decline. Earnings replacement plant must rely on technology, so we all do it , the market as early as gone. " 2013 exhibitors LED Engineering Fair - North Microelectronics president Zhao Jinrong believe that continuous innovation is the upstream equipment manufacturers should do .

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